1. noticemyhorse:

    luck and lights.

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  2. pasikon86:

    「ラリジャック描くからトレンダーフーフください」ってTwitterで言ったらフォロワーさんが描いてくれたので(転載できないけどこれが可愛いんだ…)描いたラリジャック トレンド可愛すぎて結婚した



  4. Does anybody know what this vocal part is sampled from? It’s driving me crazy.



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    1. What’s your name?: Marty.

    2. When is your bday?: January 3rd.

    3. Where are you from?: The pretty part of Texas.

    4. Have a crush?Maybe~

    5. What’s your favorite color?: Purple.

    6. Write something in caps: LOUD NOISES!

    7. Got a favorite band/artist?: Death Grips, Destroyer, SGaP, Cats Millionaire, Daft Punk, RHCP, deadmau5, CxDr, ect. ect.

    8. Favorite number: 13.

    9. Favorite drink?: Water.

    10. Tag 10 people: everyone, literally everyone who follows me.

    If you’re already tagged, you don’t have to do this again if you already did yours.

    In the game of tag, you can never let your adversary see yer fine ass.


  7. I’m glad I felt confident enough to post what I look like here. I would never have done this a week ago.

  8. Remember to smile when you really want to.



  10. I’m back from the hospital. 5 long days.